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Turquoise Living is a wholistic practise focussed on helping people lead an empowered, fulfilling and meaningful life. In a world that is constantly trying to change us, the demands and stress on a person create emotional, physical and mental turmoil. Turquoise Living helps people find a solution to the challenges they face and access a life of greater potential by connecting to their own inner awareness and strength. Turquoise Living also offers various training programmes and workshops to help people discover themselves and their own innate abilities.

Unlike traditional approaches that are focussed on coping mechanisms and symptomatic solutions, Turquoise Living helps people understand the root cause of their problem by accessing higher realms of the mind and spirit.

The Turquoise Model of wholistic healing synergises different fields of Emotional & Spiritual Healing and Energy Work. We impart this to our students and clients to help them solve their challenges and achieve new heights of success.

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The Turquoise Approach

About Us

Turquoise Living was created to provide people with the opportunity to actually understand and solve their challenges while learning and growing to break through to greater heights of consciousness.

Our founder studied and researched various forms of spiritual and healing practises from across the world and has integrated them in a unique way to create lasting transformation for clients.

The Turquoise Model combines Western Behavioural Sciences with Eastern Spirituality and ancient healing systems.


Going to Chandana was the best decision that I made after I lost my child. The session with her gave me solace and the realisation that I'm always connected with my child. It helped me deal with my grief.
- Mother and Homemaker, Delhi
My journey with Turquoise Living has been life changing and has brought about a huge transformation in me. My sessions with Chandana helped me dive deep into my mind and become extremely self aware, along with helping me deal with past trauma and helping me recover from years of pain. Chandana is truly one of the most gifted listeners and healers I know of and just being in her environment makes you feel safe, and expedites the healing process. I have found working with her enlightening and deeply moving.
- Young Professional, Bangalore
My session with Chandana helped me find some peace and clarity through a difficult period of time in my life. Her technique is holistically effective and I continue to learn and heal with the self-help prompts she has guided me with.
College Student, Delhi
Through the sessions I had with Chandana, the insomnia which I had disappeared along with the feelings of helplessness and mood swings. She is very confident, soft spoken and very helpful.
- Doctor, Bangalore
Amazing experience! Chandana helped me recover from decade old issues in an effortless manner! I also really like the space and the beautiful ambience.
- Consultant, Bangalore
There has been a noticeable improvement in my game and handicap. The first session itself started showing results. During the sessions many other issues faced by me including relationships, also got resolved. The experience was just wonderful!
- Businessman and Golfer, Bangalore
My session with Chandana helped me understand the emotional cause that was affecting my game. I did not realise that dealing with an unresolved issue could help me solve a challenge in my game.
- Golfer, Bangalore

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Turquoise Living works with a select progressive clientele. Our services are confidential and customised to meet the needs of our clients.

Our workshops and trainings are conducted in-person or online in one-one sessions or in small groups. Students who train with us have access to our mentoring and meditations circles as well as the opportunity to grow together as a community. We ensure we provide the best support and platform for people to transcend their challenges, evolve and create a life that they seek.

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